Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I find a legal document on has been configured as a user-friendly platform and includes many search tools for an optimised experience.
These tools include:
- Search per title: useful if you know the exact title of the legal source;
- Search per category: depending on the type of legal source you are looking for, that is, its rank in the hierarchy of norms in Cambodia: “Constitution”, “Treaty”, “Law”, “Royal Decree”, “Sub-Decree”, “Ministerial Order”, “Decision” and “Circular” (for further information on the hierarchy of norms in Cambodia, please read here)
- Search per area: 19 options are available, covering all areas of law (commercial law, criminal law, labour law, etc.) .
- Search per tags: a selection of key words pertaining to the content of the legal source.

These tools should be used according to your goals when researching on For a broad research, you might consider using only the 'search per area tool', which will allow you to find legal documents of different nature on a particular legal area. For a more detailed research, you may want to use both the 'search per category' and 'search per area' tools.

  • The document I am looking for is not available on, or the link to the legal source is currently not working, what can I do?

Our team is hard at work trying to have as many legal documents as possible available to the public for free, and try to verify regularly that all links are still working. However, considering the limited availability of the sources of law in Cambodia, the task is arduous and the process is long. As a civil-society based initiative, we therefore encourage users to suggest and submit legal documents that are missing from the database (with a soft copy of this document attached when possible) and to notify us when they find a broken link. Our team will include all the suggested legal documents under short notice, so the Cambodian legal community and the general public can benefit from them. You can suggest a legal document and report any broken link by filling our contact form. We will do the necessary under short notice.

  • I would like to participate by writing an article or comment a particular text, is it possible?

We are glad and welcome the participation of the legal community to develop and make this database evolve, therefore we encourage anyone interested in sharing his/her expertise to contact us. Simply tell us in which text you are interested in and we will shortly get back in touch in order to organise the database to add your comments.

  • Is the database frequently updated?

We seek to update the database on a weekly basis, with the help of our devoted Cambodian interns and research assistants. However, depending on the availability of our team and the overall availability of legal documents, updates might be more or less frequent over time. You can always suggest legal documents (with soft copies when possible) by filling our contact form. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

  • How can I display Khmer fonts on my device?

The Khmer Software Initiative provides details on how to install Khmer Unicode on Windows, Mac and Linux, please have a look at their download page.

  • How can I contribute to

The project was designed as a civil society based initiative and is grounded in the principles of open knowledge and data. Therefore, we highly encourage individuals and organisations to contribute to the project and help enhance access to legal information and the rule of law in Cambodia. You can contribute to the project in many different ways by using our contact form to:
- Suggest legal documents that have not been made available on the database;
- Comment and give your feedback on your experience using;
- Report any broken link;
- Become a member of the Legal Community (free of charge) and benefit from the advantages of the membership (daily news, invitation to special events, minutes of the different Workshops, legal documentation, …). In order to become a member, please send us your professional occupation, the organisation you are working with, your age and your name while filling the contact form. We will proceed to your registration under short notice;
- Work for us: our team is always looking for qualified legal and development professionals committed to excellence and the rule of law principles. If you think your profile is matching our expectations, please send your application (CV and cover letter) at;
- Donate: If you or your organisation wish to support our project and enhance access to legal information in Cambodia, you can make a donation to This will help ensure the website’s sustainability. For any information about this process, please contact us at

  • How can I advertise on the website?

In order to ensure the website’s financial viability, some space will soon be made available for advertisers. If you are interested and wish to discuss this opportunity further, please get in touch with us using our contact form.

If you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.